Post-Frame Buildings

Built for you as we would build our own.

Quality Materials

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As an experienced pole barn contractor, we choose quality building materials for each of our post buildings because we know durability matters. It matters to you and it matters to us. We look for the strongest components with the best warranties. Our supplier, AB Martin, based in Ephrata, PA, knows what we require and is our main resource for quality materials.

Not only do we use quality materials, we also believe in quality workmanship. Every pole structure we build is based on engineered specifications for pole size and truss carriers. We encase our poles completely in concrete rather than employing the method of using only a couple bags of dry concrete mix. We build for you as we would build our own.

Your new post-frame building comes with a standard one-year warranty on workmanship in addition to all the manufacturers’ warranties on materials. The metal we use has a 40-year rust warranty and our poles carry a lifetime warranty. To learn more about the metal and wood used in our pole barn structures, call Byler Builders at 302.653.0300.